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Auto Dealer Management 18 Module Series

These managment modules are "bite sized" development programs designed to stand alone or taken as a series.

Modules are designed to be half-day programs for deployment at the car dealership or in a seminar environment.

Module 1 – Coaching Sales Performance 1

  • How to manage time, priorities and delegation to free your time
  • How to run an effective automotive sales team.
  • Quick questions to manage the deal in process.
  • How to make daily one on ones pay in higher performance.
  • How to motivate and keep a winning team.
  • How to get involved and close more deals.

Module 2 – Train the Trainer

  • How to train new recruits.
  • Developing your in-dealership training. Who and how often.
  • How to deliver dynamic training meetings.
  • How to train the buying cycle.
  • Sales meetings – Housekeeping or Skill Development?
  • Getting participation from veteran staff.
  • Training the sales process non-negotiables.

Module 3 – Recruiting / Hiring / Selection

  • Where are your future employees?
  • How to build a winning team.
  • How to hire to a standard.  Making the TEAM.
  • How to build an effective job description. Setting expectations during the interview process.
  • Interview technique.  Avoiding hiring mistakes.
  • Selection / Aptitude testing tools.
  • Pay plans that drive performance.

Module 4 – Coaching Sales Performance 2

  • How to use the numbers to motivate.
  • How to deal with performance issues
  • The three R’s of sales management.
  • How to coach different personality types
  • Win/Win agreements
  • How to get your team to embrace accountability.

Module 5 – Managing Effort NOT Results

  • What are the functions and accountability of a sales manager?
  • How to measure traffic and opportunities
  • How to use tracking for accountability
  • High performance goal setting.
  • How to make performance appraisals powerful and positive.
  • How to be an Architect Not an Accountant

Module 6 – Internet Sales Strategy

  • Understanding the Internet shopping process.
  • How to develop a dealership Internet marketing strategy.
  • How to manage an Internet department.
  • Do we need to use 3rd party lead generating companies?
  • How to separate shoppers from buyers.
  • How to set up dealership staff and equipment resources.
  • Winning strategies that are working today!

Module 7 – Used Vehicle Management - 1

  • Inventory management for maximum profit.
  • Measuring inventory effectiveness.
  • Inventory mix / turn / reconditioning strategies.
  • Inter-department cooperation/ structure / strategy
  • How to use traffic analysis to maximize results.
  • Appraisal strategies.  Getting it in right.
  • Using first request analysis to increase turns.
  • Identification of common problems and how to fix them.

Module 8 – Used Vehicle Management - 2

  • Used vehicle retailing.
  • How to get your head out of wholesale.
  • Understanding the used vehicle buyer.
  • Pricing and mix strategies.
  • Retail marketing tools and resources.
  • How to fix recurring volume / gross / wholesale loss problems.
  • Used vehicle department non-negotiables.

Module 9 – The Art and Science of Desking the Deal

  • Changing the environment from Negative to Positive.
  • Offers or First Serve? Structuring for profit and CSI.
  • Managing the deal in process.  Avoiding the “ping pong”.
  • Sales consultant coaching on the fly.
  • Control questions to help the sales consultant.
  • High client satisfaction transactions.
  • Management involvement. How and when?

Module 10 – Inter-department Team Building

  • Who does our success depend on?
  • The myth of a single corporate culture.
  • Understanding the natural inter-department roadblocks.
  • Building teamwork. Motivation outside your department.
  • Conflict resolution. Meeting and action plan strategies.
  • Structure and policies to eliminate friction points.

Module 11 – Managing in a Changing Environment

  • Understanding change.
  • Avoiding inertia.
  • Responding to customer and market dynamics.
  • How to get your team to thrive in a changing environment.
  • Automotive industry trends.
  • Compensation / pay plans for a new reality.

Module 12 – Train the Trainer - Transitions

  • Understanding the client’s buying plan.
  • The client is not following our selling plan! Help!
  • Where do our salespeople get off track in the sales process?
  • Training your team on the transitions.
  • Coaching the transitions. How do we know when there is a problem?
  • Higher closing ratios without aggressive closing.
  • Giving the client everything they want.

Module 13 – High Performance Teams

  • How to build daily/weekly/monthly work plans for our sales consultants.
  • Putting the action in the action plan.
  • Building the framework and setting expectations for success.
  • High performance goal setting.
  • Creating a high production, winning atmosphere.

Module 14 – Acquiring Used in a Retail Market

  • How the winner at the auction is the “most wrong”
  • Strategies and process to successfully find and buy-in the best used inventory.
  • The buy-in as a selling process. Maximizing gross profit and generating new clients.
  • How to train our salespeople to be proactive and effective sources of used inventory.

Module 15 – Sales Process New Realities

  • Does our sales process work for the highly informed buyer?
  • How do we deal with a market place where consumers have so much information?
  • How have customers expectations changed – or have they?
  • Are our traditional approaches to price, trade, and monthly payment still relevant to today’s buyer?

Module 16 – What about the other 80%

  • If we are highly successful and our team averages 20% closing ratio...what about the other 80%?
  • Coaching our people on how to get prospects back to the dealership.
  • Proactive follow-up strategies workshop.
  • How should sales management track this activity?

Module 17 – CSI is Worthless - Customer Loyalty is Priceless

  • How much is our customer worth?
  • Are we chasing surveys or building loyalty?
  • Taking price out the buying decision.
  • How to WOW!
  • How to put the relationship in CRM.
  • The goldmine at your backdoor.

Module 18 – Used vs. Service Department

  • Problem solving workshop with general management/used car management/service dept. management as mandatory attendees from each dealership.
  • Strategies to make peace and end the interdepartmental wars over scheduling/reconditioning policy/comebacks.
  • Streamline procedures to create faster turn on used inventory and reduce repetitive decision making.
  • Use reconditioning to build efficiency and flexibility in our service department workflow.