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Managing the Internet Car Sales Process

Our two day programs transform your approach and success with today's car shopper. Expectations have changed dramatically. Have you?

Learn about our approach in these Free 8 Internet Sales Process Discussion Videos.


Overview of Internet Auto Sales
How Search defines everything we do – and must do
Client expectations – how are response times and quality of response driving the customer to you or away from you!
How Internet Sales Processes are measured and how our approach creates “good leads” or “bad leads”

  • Unique visitors
  • Leads
  • Appointments
  • Sales

Sales Process for Inbound Leads

  • First contact
  • Word tracks
  • Process flow – professional leadership
  • Email best practices/ mistakes/ use of templates
  • Telephone best practices

Linking on-line process to in-dealership sales process
Goals, Tracking, and integration with activity management or CRM
Dealership benchmarks for lead response
Using the benchmarks, finding weaknesses and repairing the leaks
The Internet customer in Chat, on the Phone, and in the Showroom
Structuring your Internet Operations. Four configurations.
Using the KPIs to coach your team.
Eliminating roadblocks to progress – structure, process, or attitudes.

Internet Sales Process for Car Dealers