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Automobile Manufacturer – National Sales Company Solutions

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Dealership Network Development

We have designed and deployed dealership network programs for high profile automobile manufacturers since 1990. Our comprehensive sales training programs have addressed the goals of increased volume, market share, profitability, and client loyalty. These sales programs are highly customized to the country, brand values, and performance goals.

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car manufacturer and dealership development

Activity Management and Accountability

Through our SalesSmart Activity Management product, a national sales company has real-time sales activity data that can be viewed at the national, regional, dealership, and even individual salesperson levels. This visibility of dealership network activity, effort, and skills is simply unprecedented in the automotive industry.

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sales data and sales management for car dealerships

Sales Rumble!

High density of practice and coaching on all aspects of the selling process. A highly energetic hands-on simulated selling day for 20-25 Sales Consultants,  5-10 Sales Managers, and 3-5 Business Managers.

This program is fully scalable for regional deployment of any number of dealerships and staff numbers.

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Varies sales coaching for automotive sales consultants

Assessment Program

This comprehensive program systematically evaluates all aspects of sales operations. Individual sales consultant evaluations, management personnel, and dealership process assessments. Our assessment tool quantifies performance against industry best practices. The final report includes gap analysis and detailed recommendations.

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Marketing Trouble Shooting

We have designed and deployed market trouble shooting programs for national sales companies to address struggling dealerships. These dealerships may have challenges in market share or profitability that threaten their viability or are a high priority market representation missed opportunity for the brand.

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Varies National Sales Company Solutions

Can’t get a group together for on-site training?

Don’t let that hold back your performance. We have creative a suite of self-study tools that you can use to improve your sales skills at your pace and convenience. Check out our online training!

Product Guarantee:

Our sales training products are so good, that they are covered under our 120-day, no-risk, no-questions-asked, money-back, 100%-satisfaction guarantee!