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Stop Losing Them on the Transitions

How to close more business today in the automotive industry. Plugging the holes in our process. Helping more prospects progress further in the buying decision.

Who should attend: Experienced Car Sales Consultants who need to increase volume, closing ratios, and gross retention. Managers looking to refine their coaching skills on this topic.

Learn how is leadership established in the relationship between you and your prospect.

  • A closing ratio secret
  • Where are the natural stumbling blocks in the car sales process?
  • How can we make a smooth transition between the steps of the buying process?
  • Better word tracts to build value in our professional service.
  • Selling a concept in advance.
  • Right things in the right order. How do we help people follow our lead when they want to jump too soon to price?
  • Open discussion and problem solving.

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