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SalesSmart Activity Management Software for Car Dealers

Automotivaters has participated in the ongoing development of the unique software product SalesSmart.  One of our directors, Dan Leboe has been actively involved in its development and refinement over a period of more than 25 years. SalesSmart Screen

SalesSmart gives you the ability to manage the performance data from any number of car dealerships with any number of staff. The data is compiled so you can instantly see where your staff is lacking skills or development and make the suggestion to get back on track.

All performance is compared to goals and projects month-end forecasts based on the pace of the store. By tracking floor traffic detail and financial performance you have an up to the minute snapshot of the most important information.

Being fully web-deployed, SalesSmart doesn’t have any hardware, software, or installation involved. Simply login using your username and password and access any information from any of your regions, dealerships, and staff - anywhere, anytime. Paired with integration across many platforms and devices, SalesSmart is the portal to your career, dealership, and organization.

Salessmart is the product of extensive international research and development. The result is an unparalleled tracking and development product for driving and managing performance of unlimited car dealers and staff.

For a National Sales Company, SalesSmart gives a distinct advantage in your region with unprecedented market intelligence. You will be able to determine how effective your National and Local Advertising and Incentives are performing in real time. See how they drove traffic and how the dealers capitalized on the opportunities.  SalesSmart will give you an in-depth view into your whole organization and “how they sell”. By tracking many key indicators you spot strengths and weaknesses in the sales cycle and pinpoint where training will give you the best ROI.

Customers like Toyota New Zealand have real-time analysis and powerful trending to evaluate effectiveness of marketing initiatives, individual dealership performance, and skills training programs.

SalesSmart Activity Management Software



A flavour of the interface can be experienced by clicking on the image below