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Curriculum Program Components - Price List


Program Description Format Cost

Sales Management: Managing a High Performance Team - 1 (MHPT-1)

Sales Managers learn desking for High Performance. Strategies to make sure that sales process is followed and the team executes on your strategy.  Keeping them on track – how to coach for skill development. Injecting more accountability for effort within your team. Dealing with performance issues. Making it easier for you to work with salespeople and customers as deals are in process. How to get more involved with your team - how and when. Help your team gain motivation, build effectiveness, and consistency. Developing stronger accountability around the traffic resource.

Per Classroom


Sales Management: Managing a High Performance Team - 2 (MHPT-2) Sales Managers increase their understanding of the dynamics of change management and their role in achieving higher performance through their people. Knowledge and proficiency with the staff development aspects of their job. Increase comfort with and effectiveness in conducting one-on-ones. Increase comfort with and effectiveness in delivering skill development meetings. Per Classroom CAD$2995

Sales Management: Used Car Management (SMUCM-1)

How to create a better functioning used car department. Making best practices "non-negotiable". Reducing sales management headaches through consistency of approach. Critical events for departmental success. Wholesale and retail strategies to reduce aging, increase turns, and maximize inventory ROI.

Per Classroom


Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Skills Training Course (SE-1)

All new content. Updated for the realities of the highly researched shopper. Their short-list is shorter and they are visiting fewer dealerships and are highly knowledgeable. They are further into the decision process. So how do we  proactively lead and help clients to a positive buying decision? Start to finish in the sales process; students understand buyer psychology and learn the sales skills, disciplines, and personal accountability to excel in an automotive sales career. Increase closing ratios, gross retention, personal income, and learn to love automotive sales!

2 Day Per Classroom


4 Day Per Classroom






Service Advisor Selling Skills Training Course (SerAS-1)


Our service department services solve only 5 basic customer needs and everybody wants them! Take control of our schedule and stop lighting your own hair on fire. Conceptual selling to fill more needs and increase labour and parts sales!

Per Classroom


Service Managers Leadership Training Course (SerML-1)


Managers learn how to lead and coach service teams to higher volume, gross profit, and CSI. Our service department services solve only 5 basic customer needs and everybody wants them! Service managers learn practical skills to increase the performance of their service advisor teams. Learn to diagnose and coach the soft-skills trained in the Service Advisor program (SerAS-1). Increase manager’s skills in developing staff through methods including one-on-one coaching, staff development action plans, performance diagnosis, training interventions, and coaching on the fly. Service managers gain insights to their staff, are more attuned to daily activity, and learn to correct ineffective behaviours that impact customer satisfaction and department financial performance KPIs.

Per Classroom CAD$2995

Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Transitions to Buy Now Training Course (SETTBN-1)


Structuring your information review and write-up to uncover hidden objections, verify selection, and get strong commitment to own BEFORE presenting the figures. Identification of all of the key transitions where customers either progress in the buying process or stall. Skills to smoothly guide the customer to the next logical step to what they want - your car!

Per Classroom CAD$2995

Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Resolving Objections Training Course (SERE-1)


Taking away objections BEFORE they come up. How to separate the stalls from the objections. Solving more objections more often to increase sales and keep a friend.

Per Classroom


Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Telephone Skills Training Course (SET-1)


How to convert more incoming contacts to appointments. Perfecting phone technique to make for perfect selection, meaningful presentation, and easier closing. Working with today's highly informed buyer.

Per Classroom


Practical Skills (PSS-1)

Practical Skills (PSS-2)

Practical Skills (PSS-3)

Practical Skills (PSS-4)

Practical Skills (PSS-5)

Practical Skills (PSS-6)

Practical Skills (PSS-7)

Practical Skills (PSS-8)

Training for each team member through practical application of trained skills. Practical scenarios and role-play are used to simulate realistic situations. Classroom training sessions use experiential methods to test adoption and proficiency of previously trained skill-sets. Applicable to sales and service staff.

Advancing previous course content and skills through practical application and experiential learning.

Per Classroom


Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Shortening Trade Cycles (STCY) How to turn up the frequency of repeat and referral sales. Getting more from your client base more often. Using cost of ownership and optimum trade timing to get more of your people back into the market sooner. Overcome price objections and close procrastinators today with powerful logic. Per Classroom CAD$2995
Finance and Insurance
Discovering needs for financial services and insurance products. Using the application process to uncover needs and offer fully protected options. Presenting finance, insurance, and protection products in terms of customer benefits.  (Part 1 of 2) Per Classroom CAD$2995
Finance and Insurance
Continuation of FI-1.  Overcoming objections. Using waiver forms to resolve objections. Generating better turnovers. How to develop your sales team to improve your percentages and gross. (Part 2 of 2) Per Classroom CAD$2995
Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Building Your Repeat & Referral Network - (SERRN)

Build your own traffic. Creating a self sustaining repeat and referral network. Social media, phone and e-mail communications skills for better results. Converting more Internet Leads to Appointments and Sales! Increase closing ratios, gross retention, personal income, and up your game!

Per Classroom CAD$2995
Program Support Live-Hosted Webinars Increase the practical application of skills trained in the classroom. Courses build on the classroom material previously trained and allow interactive learning with realistic scenarios and problem solving so that knowledge is retained and new skills applied in the workplace. Per Online Classroom CAD$495
Digital Marketing Management - (DMM-1) Designing your digital marketing strategy. Understanding how to track effectiveness and marketing ROI. Structuring your processes and team for maximum conversion. Inter-department flows. Shopping smart for digital media. Creating more accountability  for dollars spent generating opportunity. 2 Day Per Classroom CAD$5990
Sales Consultant (Product Advisor) Internet - (INET-1) Sales Executives learn response strategies and methods to convert more internet inquiries to appointments. Response structures and methods to match the medium: incoming e-mail, text, or webform leads. Sales Executives learn how to create more value and help prospects accept our highest level of service. Practical approaches to engage with the remote customer. Per Classroom CAD$2995

Pricing notes:

This indicative tution schedule is for single classroom programs. Training manuals & materials are in addition and vary by class size. Per person costs can be calculated by dividing the classroom cost by the number of participants enrolled. Ideal class size for maximum experiential learning is no more than 12 participants. Multiple sessions to accomodate participant numbers will vary the cost according to sessions required. Trainer travel and accomodation expenses may be an additional cost depending on program locations. A classroom day is 7 hours of instructional time.