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Creating Commitment to Buy a Vehicle Now

Structuring your information review and write-up to uncover hidden objections, verify selection, and get strong commitment to own BEFORE presenting the figures.

Who should attend: Experienced Car Sales Consultants who need to increase volume, closing ratios, and gross retention. Managers looking to refine their coaching skills on this topic.

  • Answering the "why buy here?" question before we go to paper.
  • Getting safely back to your desk!
  • Word tracts to verify selection and maintain momentum.
  • Uncovering the "hidden" objections.
  • Worksheet steps to create a stronger commitment to BUY NOW.
  • Building value on the worksheet to hold gross later.
  • Re-commitment through the negotiations.
  • How to justify the trade-in current market value.
  • Open discussion and problem solving.

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