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High Performance Vehicle Sales School

All new content. Updated for the realities of the highly researched shopper. Their short-list is shorter and they are visiting fewer dealerships and are highly knowledgeable. They are further into the decision process. So how do we  proactively lead and help clients to a positive buying decision? Start to finish in the sales process; students understand buyer psychology and learn the sales skills, disciplines, and personal accountability to excel in an automotive sales career. Increase closing ratios, gross retention, personal income, and learn to love automotive sales!

Who should attend: Any Sales Consultant or Car Dealer who needs to increase volume, closing ratios, and personal income. New Sales Consultants who need a success plan and Veterans looking to get energized and refresh sales skills they may be short-cutting.

  • Psychology of Selling.
  • Job or Career? Secrets of success.
  • Locating and Prospecting for Customers.
  • Establishing positive leadership to help the customer get what they want - your car!
  • Converting more inquiries to appointments
  • Professional Consultation for today's highly researched client.
  • Consultation skills that leads to a correct selection or confirms their online research led to the right vehicle.
  • Customer focused approaches to really understand the client and their motivations.
  • Presenting the Vehicle. Features and Benefits that matter to the Customer!
  • Effective Demonstration strategy.
  • Building Mental Ownership.
  • Developing Commitment before figures.
  • Discovering the client's Terms to Own
  • Writing up the Worksheet / Bill of Sale.
  • Presenting figures.
  • Justifying Purchase Price and Trade Value.
  • Resolving Objections.
  • Negotiation without Confrontation.
  • Working with Sales Management and Business Managers.
  • Professional Delivery. Making it special.
  • Referral and Follow-up Strategies.
  • Treating your career like a business.

Sales training school for car dealers