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Coaching / Sales Management for the Automotive Industry

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Success Leaves Clues

When you study the most successful sales organizations they share common characteristics. What do they do?


Strategy. Execution. Achievement.

Every sales manager has goals. They are usually imposed on us from external sources like the manufacturer, our dealer principal, or general manager. These goals are highly visible, the data is readily available, and we are held responsible if we either hit them or not.


Un-training. How to combat the deterioration of sales skills

My team has experience – they don’t need more training!


The Most Expensive Training in the World!

Ever hear or say this: "my team has experience – they don’t need more training!" Over the years we have seen many automotive dealerships fall into the trap of viewing training or skill development as an event rather than a process.


Sales Management Monthly Critical Dates Calendar

Critical dates calendar

Daily one on ones.