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Our Testimonials

"Approval ratings on the Automotivaters facilitators and content consistently score higher than 95%. Powerful testimonials from students continue to come in from every program! I highly recommend these programs to maximize the performance of your team and the profitability of your dealership! "
Geoff Sine, Executive Director, Manitoba Motor Dealers Association
"Thanks Dan... We sold 46 of our 102 cars for the month [in the 7 days] after you left here. Everyone has an activity plan and a results goal for the month. One on ones have begun and I can already see the walls between management and the struggling sales staff come down. We'll have a quality training meeting on Friday. Thanks for your help."
P. Logan
"Sharing some good news! Happy Saturday Michael! I just had to share some good news. I had a delivery today. I reviewed your videos again and practised beforehand. I tweaked my menu and did $7974.00 on my delivery today! It was amazing! No discounts, no selling - just providing solutions. It's the third time it has worked. No questioning price or discounting. She took the top [most expensive] package on the menu. I couldn't help but share. I'm ecstatic! Your method works - it really works!!! Thank you Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. "
Brenda - Financial Services Manager
"Automotivaters? We use your free stuff in our meetings all the time!"
Dave Bare - Harris Kia
"Chad was excellent. He was engaged with the group and his enthusiasm encouraged group discussion. Some presenters are just there to go through the course material but this was not Chad. You could tell he genuinely cared about his teaching and the success of all attendants. Thanks again Chad."
Kyle Orum, Hanna Motor Products
"Just a quick note to express how happy I was to have coaching last Friday... with his common sense approach and little ideas to help the sales team to think on their feet."
John Pickford - Counties Toyota
"Lock me in to any training Brian offers. Also, I've done plenty of this stuff in my 20 years, that was probably the best run course I've ever seen."
Chris Pelletier - Winger Motors Hamilton NZ
"I have now been in the car business for two months now and had a very successful start. In my first month of July I sold 18 units and in the month of August my number was 19... I want to thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge. I owe all to you for such a successful start."
MMDA Student
"Cam was extremely knowledgeable, engaging and helpful throughout the whole process."
Birchwood Auto Group - 2 Day School
"Jared was excellent, his positive encouraging approach was taken on well by the team. This meant that there was good 2 way dialogue and the guys came away with a good positive feeling from his time with them. Jared managed to get great buy in from our team."
Toyota New Zealand In-dealership Coaching
"I took this course before I started in the automotive industry and it helped me be a great salesman my first year and now this (advanced) course will help me be even better. Automotivaters is great training. I always leave refreshed & motivated."
MMDA - Advanced Program Participant
"It was like finding a new source of energy when you were with us. As always I feel totally inadequate when someone as competent as yourself offers such excellent direction to our sales team... your assistance and direction was fantastic."
John Mackinlay
"Amazing Course! 3 hours into my first shift following their process, I was able to handle questions efficiently and do a proper qualification with my customer, brought the proper information to my Sales Manager and were able to work within the customers' Terms to Own and get a deal done! Don't miss their courses, even if you're a seasoned vet!!!!"
Tom Anderson - Ledingham GM
"Automotivaters always puts on a great seminar. I always leave with things to improve on and get better. Every manager needs to take this course!"
Birchwood Automotive Group
"Dan, Not sure if I ever had a chance to thank you for all of the excellent training you gave to me... it was definitely one of the keys to my success."
Ken Brown - Sales Manager Okotoks Ford Lincoln
"Cam was a very strong, clear communicator of the information. He was very effective in using situations and different examples to get the message and information to us. Very helpful even after 18 years in sales."
MMDA Subscriber
"Dave's knowledge, energy, passion and steadfast dedication speak for itself. This is a must have course for the beginner or seasoned veteran. It was an honor and a privilege taking this course. "
MMDA Internet-Personal Marketing
"Win is an excellent facilitator!! After today's seminar I am a better salesperson. The information taught was extremely helpful, Win delivered quality material, very knowledgeable."
MMDA Student
"We finished on 26,977 yesterday vs. target 26,900 our 4th consecutive sales record and now 8 years of annual sales targets met. A large part of that success is due to the partnership between us, TNZ and Automotivaters as we lift the professionalism of our sales team here in NZ."
Steve Prangnell GM - Toyota New Zealand
"This course really opens up your mind to the full potential of the auto sales industry, the sky is the limit."
Campus Auto Group
"Great value, Great Content. I've taken a lot of training over the years, love the way they deliver the material, very interactive. Great Job! For an individual like myself who is experienced, courses like this are important training tools to keep up with the ever changing car business. Keep up the great work!"
Winnipeg, MB Sales Manager
"Can't write much, "Invest 8 Hours - pay raise 30%" . Thanks."
Campus Acura
"Thanks again for your input into our dealership group with your training. The feedback here is fantastic and something we will work hard to get sorted for next time you come."
Howard Martin - Manawatu Toyota
"I attended a 2 day Business Manager workshop on behalf of Northland Toyota a couple of weeks ago down at Toyota Finance! Automotivaters traveled all the way from Canada to take our training & it was such a good experience... So many opportunities and areas within Toyota NZ & Toyota Finance, I can’t wait to expand my knowledge & learn more."
Simone Nordstrom - Northland Toyota
"...we produced 30% more overall gross on half the volume and still maintained market share. That absolutely could not have happened without the right processes for these times."
Bob Crawford - GWD Toyota
"2018 ended on a high note for new vehicles - a 7th consecutive record year & 31 years at #1. Plus the successful implementation of both Toyota Experience/Drive Happy and a Hospitality strategy across the entire dealer network. A large part of that success is due to the partnership between TNZ, TFS and Automotivaters as we continue to lift the professionalism and performance of our sales team here in NZ. "
Neeraj Lala - Toyota New Zealand
"Thanks for the brilliant training yesterday. Immersing as we speak. Will definitely implement your suggestions. Conversational and relationship building dialogue throughout the process Fun in training. Conduct some great role playing exercises. Thanks again! "
Toyota New Zealand Dealer
"Chad Isaac is always good and passionate with his delivery and look forward to being on another course with him in the future."
101B Attendee Toyota New Zealand
"Whether you are 3 months in the chair or 30 years in the chair, if this course becomes available to you, it should be non negotiable to go to it."
Used Car Management Seminar
"Highly recommend this course, very consultative approach to today's auto buyers - great process to follow for success."
Alex Skowronski - Myers Auto Group
"A comprehensive, detailed presentation of the procession selling automobiles from A-Z. A must have if you want success in this industry!! Well done Randy!"
2 Day Sales School Attendee - Winnipeg
"Automotivaters have found a way to make training exciting with incredible roleplay scenarios and real life techniques usable on the showroom floor and throughout the dealership!"
Myers Auto Group - Sales Consultant Training Participant
"I've been using your system since the old I.S.I days. I actually just celebrated 22 years in the business on February 4th, and was thinking about what a positive impact Automotivaters has made in my career. Thank-you for that! - Darren Budd"
Richmond Suzuki
"This is my first day at Listowel Ford and I am very glad I had the opportunity to be in this class. Phil is a great mentor and a very good teacher."
Listowel Chrysler - New Sales Consultant
"This program really motivated and provided me useful information on how to become a better service advisor... the session gives us a lot to think about and apply to our daily jobs."
Birchwood Auto Group Service Advisor