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Our Philosophy

Staying on top is a constant challenge and we have continued to evolve and improve our materials and methods to match changing customer behavior and market conditions. The challenge for dealerships is keeping a strong team at the top of their game when time, competitive pressure, and customer interaction all erode skills and attitudes. Todays highly informed shopper demands a modern approach. Learn about our Internet Sales Process philosophy through these 8 Free Internet Sales Process Discussion Videos.


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Good Intentions Don't Execute! We're more than a sales training company. Automotivaters is all about execution. We don't just train people in service, sales and management skills. We work with your people in your car dealership to execute and drive performance. Our  clients appreciate our hands-on style with dealers and the application of our strategies to the real world of automotive operations. We are not purely academics nor are we merely facilitators of material. Our people have achieved the highest levels of success in retail automotive. This provides the essential credibility that Dealer Principals and dealer management demand. We have experienced their challenges and personally faced and solved their problems. We have even experienced the failure that can occur over time and gathered a great understanding of what does not work.

Some of our core philosophies in short form:

  • Work with the willing, and create the willing through motivation and direction.
  • Soft dominance, careful leadership.
  • Good intentions don’t execute, a good plan with accountability does.
  • Learning is not complete until behaviour changes.
  • People are not a dealership’s greatest assets – the right people doing the right things are.
  • You cannot manage what you do not measure. Manage effort not result.
  • Small and incremental improvements in activities create huge differences in results.
  • It is not a crime for someone to be unsuitable for a position – it is a crime to recognize this and fail to act.
  • The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team.
  • There are no bad soldiers under a good general.
  • The best team wins. Management serves their staff.
  • Choose and build a dealership coaching environment that supports personal development, team achievement, and accountability for results.
  • Market forces are in a continuous state of change, the challenges become greater, we will over compensate to ensure our success and market share growth.

At Automotivaters we don't believe in "cookie cutter" approaches to improving dealership performance. Each client has its own strengths and performance challenges. Our programs are highly customized to the individual dealership, dealer group, or manufacturer network. This customization of programs has always been our competitive advantage. Our sales executive programs have proven to be very effective in bringing new people up to speed fast. We give the new sales consultant the work plan and skills to professionally lead the sales process. No smoke and mirrors. We give them the skills and process to really understand the client’s needs and wants. They put product before price and work effectively with management.

Our sales management training modules improve time management and increase leadership, coaching and organization skills. Our sales management accountability tools put you in control of your client resource and provide the information managers need to coach their team effectively.

With service advisors we show them that “sales” does not mean pushy. We teach a consultative process for advisors that uncovers customer needs, presents service and maintenance solutions, builds value, and avoids the one line repair order. 

In the Business Office, we train a consultative sales process to maximize gross profit and client satisfaction. F & I managers learn credit fundamentals and build effective relationships with lenders to get more deals bought. Sub-prime techniques for credit challenged clients. Achieving higher penetration of Warranty and Insurance sales.