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Loyalty Sale Events

Customer loyalty is powerful. When we bring more of our existing client base back into the market sooner, we shorten trade cycles. This means more vehicles sold and profit generated over their total ownership lifecycle. The Private Sale Event is structured to provide a concentrated training event that develops telephone and prospecting skills – and sells a lot of vehicles in a short time! Here is how it looks:

We recognized that most car dealerships had a large and untapped potential in their service client database. With a targeted approach, we mine their client files to develop a list of loyal service clients who have the highest propensity to enter the market and replace their existing vehicle with a new or newer pre-owned unit. They are sent a high quality, exclusive invitation for a private sale event. Special pricing is in effect for the sales event. We train and coach the sales staff on:

  • Sales leadership skills for high traffic events
  • Event strategy
  • Phone call scripting
  • Making the follow-up telephone calls and booking appointments. This phone activity is the key to success – dealership management must have all salespeople highly focused on this essential activity.
  • Coaching the phone blitz activity

On the sale days, our trainer greets clients as they arrive and prequalify their purchase intent before professionally turning them over to a salesperson.  The whole process has a client appreciation and high-touch feeling for the customer. Typical results are 2-3-4 sales per sales consultant per day.

private car dealership sales events