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Customized Sales Coaching Follow-up for Car Dealerships

General Management debriefing and Coaching Action Plans will contain recommendations for follow-up coaching. Our most successful clients take a long-term view and recognize that exceptional levels of performance are possible with consistent and effective reinforcement of the skills learned in training. These days are scheduled well in advance to allow for proper planning and full preparation. We develop content for these days specific to car dealership needs as they evolve. 

Typical follow-up training days may incorporate any number of the following components: group sales meeting, management training, one-on-ones with sales consultants, live desk work with management, classroom sessions, on-floor work with salespeople, analysis and coaching using tracking data or composite reports. The follow-up coaching is the key differentiator for Automotivaters. We “hold their hand” and work with management to make sure better methods are implemented and become permanent.

Duration: Varies