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No More Objections!

Taking away objections BEFORE they come up. How to separate the stalls from the objections. Solving more objections more often to increase car sales and keep a friend.

Who should attend: Experienced Car Sales Consultants who need to increase volume, closing ratios, and gross retention. Managers looking to refine their coaching skills on this topic.

  • Taking away objections in the Interview process.
  • The buyer psychology of objections - why and what are they?
  • Playing the right movie in our own head. What do the objections mean to us?
  • Old school approaches we need to retire.
  • A structured approach to solving any objection more often.
  • Multiple approaches to common objections.
  • Working with our manager NOT working our manager.
  • Re-commitment strategies during negotiations.
  • Open discussion and problem solving.

Sales Training for Car Dealers