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The Fully Engaged Car Sales Coach

How to get more involved with your sales team - how and when. Help your team gain motivation, build effectiveness, and consistency. Developing stronger accountability around the traffic resource. Getting stronger and more timely turnovers - before it's too late to save the deal! Making best practices "non-negotiable". Reducing car sales management headaches through becoming a better leader, trainer, and coach. Critical events for monthly success.

Who should attend: All Car Sales Managers who need to increase volume, closing ratios, and gross retention. Managers looking to refine their team building and coaching skills. Managers who want to get the highest return for their time spent managing their team.

  • Your team. What does their performance say about you?
  • Gaining buy-in for accountability around the traffic resource.
  • Right things in the right order.
  • Getting involved in the deal at the right time with the right turnover.
  • "Non-negotiables" for sales process discipline.
  • Coaching our sales staff to be better leaders of the buying process.
  • Keys to motivating salespeople.
  • Coaching our team to stronger commitment to "Buy Now" - before you see the write-up.
  • Open discussion and problem solving.

Sales Coach for Auto Dealerships