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Activity and Achievement

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You know... it is really hard sometimes to listen to how much complaining some sales teams do about the quantity or quality of traffic on any given day/week/month. As salespeople, we really are in control of our destinies - more so than many professions.

So much of how we do is directly connected with how much we do! The highest paid really are the hardest working. In our business we regularly see salespeople on a team who sell and therefore earn double or even triple the income of the team average. What makes them so different? They understand that Activity will produce Achievement. They have a plan.

While we chat with our buddies about last night's game, the salesperson with the plan is making calls to previous clients. While we wonder who will come in, the salesperson with a plan is greeting his first appointment. While we drink coffee or read the newspaper, the salesperson with the plan is sending out his/her e-mail newsletter/blog/birthday cards/letters etc... While we gripe about how "lucky" that top sales person is, indifference and inattention causes more of your customers to forget your name. While we worry about tomorrow, the salesperson with the plan is confirming his/her second appointment for tomorrow. You get the pattern.

The thing is that it's not really rocket science. You build a repeat and referral network through consistent and valuable client contact.

Maybe when you got into auto sales you weren't planning on making it a career. Maybe you haven't got into those habits that will make your client base self-sustaining - well that's ok you can't change the past but you can definitely choose a different future. Will you do it?

Will we whine about how poor traffic numbers are or will we make 20 calls and get an appointment set for tomorrow?
Will we prejudge a client as a shopper and put in a half effort until they get more serious?
Will we spend more time talking to our co-workers or talking to people who can pay us?

It's a bit of a rant this month but maybe we all need that once and a while!
Remember, nothing changes until something changes.

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