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Sales Tips for the Automotive Industry

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I hate Setting Goals

I don't know how many sales and management related magazines, newsletters, and e-zines you subscribe to but if you are a sales professional I'm betting it is 4 or more.


Your Best Isn't Good Enough

Harsh words? It's for your own good. In case you didn't notice the game has changed. What worked for you last year is probably not providing you the income you need in the new reality of contracting market volumes. Your best needs to get better!


You get paid to talk... so talk to someone who can pay you

We all want a friendly work environment. Don't we? One where we get along with our team mates and have fun at work. Sure we do. However too often we see a large proportion of a sales consultant's day devoted to interaction with co-workers rather than clients or prospects.


You are paid exactly what you are worth.

We don't mean to burst anyone's bubble (or maybe we do) but your boss has almost nothing to do with how much money you make. Many of us fall into the trap of looking to external factors to blame for our dissatisfaction with our income.


Would you like a new car?

Help your clients fall in love.