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Sales Tips for the Automotive Industry

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Avoiding Sales Objections

We have all heard the sports phrase: “the best defense is a good offence”. It applies equally well when we think of some common objections we get when we ask for the business. Now we are not going to suggest that you adopt that pushy and aggressive tactic of ignoring or bypassing objections.


Ask your way to success

How many features or specifications does the typical new vehicle have today? 50? 100? 150? If you are talking about all of them in your product presentation you're talking way too much!


Are you on the phone - Why not?

Even after 20 years of training and consulting in the auto industry we are still surprised by some of the salesperson behaviors that are so counterproductive yet resistant to change. The ineffective use of the telephone is one.



We always talk about client follow-up as the key to the next sale. Anticipating client needs before they happen or being top of mind when they do happen, significantly increases your odds of a repeat or referral sale. Here's a good sales story from this week...


Activity and Achievement

You know... it is really hard sometimes to listen to how much complaining some sales teams do about the quantity or quality of traffic on any given day/week/month. As salespeople, we really are in control of our destinies - more so than many professions.