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In-Dealership Sales Training & Coaching

Your decision to invest in your people and sales process will result in increased volume, gross profit, and customer satisfaction (CSI). We build high performance teams!

Reach new levels of excellence in customer satisfaction and business results with highly focused and customized training for your dealership. Designed and customized to address your specific dealership's performance opportunities.

Seminar Description Duration Cost
Sales and Management Training Implementation

The program structure we design for a dealership will match the specific  gaps in skills or knowledge as identified. Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work! Every team has its own strengths, weaknesses, goals, and history. Learn more


Sales management and training auto dealership

Customized Coaching Follow-up

General Management debriefing and Coaching Action Plans will contain recommendations for follow-up coaching. Our most successful clients take a long-term view and recognize that exceptional levels of performance are possible with consistent and effective reinforcement of the skills learned in training. Learn more


Sales coaching

Can’t get a group together for on-site training?

Don’t let that hold back your performance. We have self-study tools that you can use to improve your sales skills at your pace and convenience. Check out our online training!

Product Guarantee:

Our products are so good, that they are covered under our 120-day, no-risk, no-questions-asked, money-back, 100%-satisfaction guarantee!