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Now Commitment

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More clients will say yes if we ask the right way. If we have done a great job with our prospect and we have already:

INTERVIEWED the customer and know their lifestyle, needs and Dominant Buying Motive.
SELECTED the right product to meet those needs.
PRESENTED the Features Advantages, and personal Benefits that matter to the customer.
DEMONSTRATED the vehicle so they could experience it and visualize themselves owning it.
BUILT ADDED VALUE to answer the question – “why buy at this dealership?”

If you believe you have selected the right product then your leadership in the sales process must continue. Uncover the hidden objections and be sure you have strong buyer purchase intention through the 9 Steps to the Now Commitment.

1. Reconfirm Selection is right.
“So you enjoyed the ….. in your new vehicle?  And the ride was
everything you expected it to be? So we have selected the right vehicle haven’t we?”

2. Answer Questions.
“Are there any other questions that you have about your new…..., our dealership..., or myself?”

3. The One thing.
“Let me ask you this then, if there was one thing that would stop you from owning your new vehicle right now, what would that one thing be?”

4. Summarize. If the objection is something other than price, summarize like this:
“So what you’re suggesting is that other than (customers objection)
you would own and take delivery of your new vehicle, right NOW, is
that right?  OR If the customers objection is price related then you
would summarize like this: “So, what you’re suggesting is that providing my manager can make the figures agreeable and you’re happy with them, you’ll own and take delivery of your new….. right now, is that right?”

When the customer agrees with what you’ve said to them,
5. Introduce the worksheet.
“Great! Here’s what we’re going to do, I’m going to write down all of
the information about your new vehicle so it’s exactly as you expect
it.  I’ll also take down some information about the vehicle that you’re
selling to us, take it all to my manager and he’ll come back and tell
us what the figures are.”

6. Now fill in the worksheet and buyer’s report (if applicable)

7. Clarify the commitment. “A moment ago you suggested to me that if the figures were agreeable and you were happy with them, you would own your new vehicle right now, isn’t that right?”

8. Have the customer sign at the bottom of the review sheet.
“I’m just going to write that down.  Mr./Mrs. Customer will own and
take delivery of stock #123 NOW providing figures are agreeable.  I
just need your approval right here Mr./Mrs. Customer.”

9. Take to your Manager the worksheet, buyer’s report, customers drivers license, insurance papers for the trade in vehicle and the keys for the trade in vehicle to your manager and then return to your customer while your manager either appraises the trade in vehicle or, if applicable, adjusts the figures with some special savings.

There is no question that you can "wing it" and ask for the business in whatever way you feel like on a particular day. But why would you when there is a better way that gives higher closing ratios, easier negotiations, and preserves gross profit? No one enjoys dealing with the hidden objection that comes up after figures have been discussed. No one enjoys presenting the figures to customers who then pack up and say thanks but we're still shopping.

Imagine how easy our lives would be if every customer said to us:

"The vehicle meets my needs and I want to own it today. Just make the figures agreeable and I'll take it."

Follow the 9 steps to the Now Commitment and it will be just like they did!

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