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Psychology of Selling

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What's your winning edge?

If you think you are perfect with no room for improvement read no further!  There has been an enormous amount of study into what accounts for the huge variances in sales success from one individual to another.  We have heard Brian Tracy and others talk about the concept of Winning Edge as "small


What is 1% worth?

We have often heard jokes about how 99% just isn't good enough.  You know, like 12 newborn babies per day will be dropped at birth, or 2 planes will crash every day at Chicago O'Hare Airport, 22,000 cheques per hour will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts, and the 99% list goes on…


What do you have in common with your client?

Have you ever been asked by your sales manager when you walked into their office with a deal worksheet: "What do you have in common with these people?" It is a great question that a sales manager could ask you about the people you are trying to sell a car to.


Uh... I think you are leaking closing ratio

What holds us back from hitting our volume and income objectives? For most salespeople, the difference between where you are and where you would like to be is only a matter of a few points in closing ratio. So where do we "leak" closing ratio?


Stop selling and start helping

What makes a good sales presentation? Many salespeople get the idea that if they are able to dump everything they know about the product onto the customer they have made a good presentation.