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No Best Prices

It's a nice philosophy, but what does it mean in practice? When we say "no best prices" we mean that it is a serious mistake to respond with a discounted price when a prospect phones in or asks us a price question the moment they arrive at the dealership. Why is this a serious mistake?


Making No the Right Answer

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for people to say "No" in a shopping situation? It's almost automatic! Of course it is just natural shopping behavior that comes from their fears.


Let Them Know What's Coming!

Many times salespeople find themselves encountering sales resistance from a prospect who just seems to want to get some information and get out of there.  They are giving us those reflex objections at the meet and greet that we have come to expect like: "just looking" or "this is the first place


I just want to think about it

Don't you just cringe when you hear those words? Don't they always seem to come after you have spent over an hour with your customers?


Cost of Ownership Part 3

The ability to explain the concept of cost of ownership is a skill that every successful sales consultant needs. It has been often said that people buy with emotion but pay with logic.