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That's still not enough for my trade

When we get an objection to our manager's trade appraisal, we need to find out why they feel it is unreasonable and if they have a different value in mind, where did they get that value.


That's not enough for my trade

This is one objection that rarely comes up... when the client has no trade-in! Otherwise it seems that no one is ever happy with the numbers our manager puts on their old vehicle. Ok that's just reality.


Take the objection away!

We have all heard the sports phrase: “the best defense is a good offence”. It applies equally well when we think of some common objections we get when we ask for the business. Now we are not going to suggest that you adopt that pushy and aggressive tactic of ignoring or bypassing objections.


Six Ways Salespeople Help Prospects Create Objections

This is one of those things that unless someone points it out to you... you might not even realize you are doing it. How do salespeople shoot themselves in the foot by helping prospects create objections?


Shelving the price issue

A common complaint we hear from salespeople goes something like this: "Why is it that practically the first thing out of a new prospect's mouth is a price question?