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Phones skills are old school... or are they?

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So we've talked about how the current reality of the highly informed internet shopper has required salespeople to change their daily work plan.

If the customer has done hours of research online before contacting us, when they do we need to be prepared. They saw our car on line, it fits their needs, they know the equipment and pricing. They are calling in to see if its still available. More than ever we have to be prepared for our day:

• We need to know our inventory. Walk the lot. Where is it? How is it equipped? What sold? What came in? We need to be ready to take calls professionally. The caller has already spent 11+ hours of research before they dial!
• We need to have our own website on screen when taking an incoming call so we can ask: "Is that a vehicle you saw on our website? Are you still on the webpage? Ok let's review it together".
What about our phone skills? For a while there we were seeing declining phone and walk-in opportunities as web leads increased. Now we see part of this trend reversing. Traffic is still down - people don't need to visit 5-6 dealerships to narrow their selection. They do that online. Quantity of traffic decreased but higher quality traffic drives closing ratios up. Its just math. The highly informed shopper only visits the very short list that made it past their online selection process. Now when they contact us it may be from a mobile device where they pushed the click to call button. Maybe even from your lot!  

Are your phone skills up to the challenge?  The professional takes control of the incoming call with positive leadership, knows their inventory, builds value in their service, and obtains an appointment to show the vehicle. There is a huge difference in approach and not surprisingly, a huge difference in results. Are you stumbling and fumbling over the caller's questions or are you confirming an appointment to see and drive the car most of the time?

That phone scripting you used for the incoming call 5 years ago is out of date. It doesn't work in today's reality. We need to find out right away: "Is that a vehicle you have seen on our website?" We need to take control with professional leadership: "Can I ask, are you still on our website right now? Great, let’s just review the vehicle you have selected so I can be 100% accurate with information I get you. Ok? Lets go to the listing on the website now”

One thing has never changed over the years. People still want knowledgeable, professional service that helps them feel confident making their purchase decision. They're still shopping for a professional - you!

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