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Happy New Year

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Welcome to the new year! It's interesting how this click over to a new year can get you thinking about what you have accomplished in the past year and looking forward the year ahead.

From a sales perspective it's a fantastic time to take a few quiet minutes and think about how you'll hit your goals and objectives. As the old saying goes "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" so why not invest in yourself and your career by answering the following questions, putting some written goals in place and going to work with a renewed focus!

With that in mind here's a checklist of questions to ask yourself that will help you plan and stay focused this year.

What are your sales goals or targets for the year?

What are your goals broken down into weekly or monthly numbers? (i.e. how will you know if you are having a good week/month?)

What specifically will you have to change, or do better this year that will allow you to hit your goals?

How many new clients would you like to get this year?

How will you attract new clients?

What will you do to ensure you are adding value to your current clients?

How will you proactively improve the relationship with your current clients?

How will you keep your attitude at a high level?

How many referrals from happy clients did you get last year?

How many referrals from happy clients will you get this year? How will you accomplish that?

What specific sales skill do you want to improve on this year?

How and when will you improve on that skill?

What are 2 "time wasters" you can eliminate this year?

What is one thing you can learn this year that will increase your professional value (to your company and the market place)?

Where are you going to write all of this down so you can review and revise your plans regularly?

It has been proven by many a successful person that those with clear, written goals and a plan for their accomplishment will be above average in their income, level of responsibility, level of happiness and overall success.

We all want to have an above average year. You can't do average things day in and day out and be above average so the only question that remains is

"What will you do today that is above average?"

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