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Duct Tape -The handyman's secret weapon

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At one time or another practically everyone has used that ubiquitous grey tape. It has a million uses but here's a new one for you. As you are walking up to greet your next customer imagine a strip of duct tape stuck firmly to their forehead. Written on that piece of tape in black letters are the following words: "I don't like you, I don't trust you, I'm not buying from you... yet". Now your job is to remove that tape from your customer's forehead. It's sticky stuff! Will it be painful or not? Your leadership will determine that.

Lots of times in sales we get thinking too far down the process. Forget about selling... think about helping. Now, job one is to make a favourable impression so we can begin to peel that duct tape off.  As you walk out, think only about your friendly greeting and smooth transition to interview.  Don't think about selecting a vehicle or getting them in the driver's seat. None of that will come if we can't meet them effectively, show them that you are friendly, professional, likable, and non-threatening. Check your image on the way out. Sunglasses, gum chewing, smoking, or lack of eye contact will keep that duct tape firmly in place. Welcome them enthusiastically like they are already the friend you expect they will become.

Once you have welcomed them to the dealership and exchanged names, find out if they have been to the dealership before and what brings them in today. If they are looking for information about a vehicle, suggest the quickest and easiest way to get the information they want on vehicles which meet their needs is for you to ask a few questions. Lead to your office. So maybe by now you have peeled away the part of the duct tape that said: "I don't like you". How we conduct our needs interview will help remove the "I don't trust you".

We make the interview all about them and their needs. Changes in lifestyle, occupation, or family drive changes in vehicle needs. Find out why their old vehicle no longer suits them and what the new one has to do really well. By keeping the focus of the interview on them and their needs we demonstrate it is all about them not us. Trust builds and we can confidently select vehicle choices that are perfect for them. Quality time spent in interview is the most valuable for both the customer and us! They know that we understand their needs and situation. They feel they can trust our recommendation. Both parties can feel confident that the vehicle selection is the right one.

That duct tape is only holding on by a thread now, thanks to an effective Introduction, transition, and Interview. If we do a great job in these early stages the rest of the tape comes off a lot easier after the presentation and demonstration. Peel away!

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