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Shane Robb, Training Consultant

Shane started in the automotive industry in 2004 as a salesman with Ford Motor Company and Lincoln.  Shane quickly proved his amazing sales skills by winning the coveted Peak Performer’s Award (top 1% of sales professionals in Canada) 4 times over.  In early 2008 Shane was promoted to Sales Manager where he again excelled winning the President’s Award (Ford’s highest award for customer satisfaction) twice.  Shane’s proven track record of sales success, as well as his tremendous team building and leadership skills lead to a move to General Manager of a small rural dealership in late 2015.  Shane lead this dealership through one of the toughest economies in recent history and far exceeded sales and growth targets. 

Throughout his automotive career Shane has been involved with the expertise that Automotivaters brings – both through sales training and private sale events.  Shane’s early sales success was due in part to the PAL book system and the implementation of the principles learned through Automotivaters training put into practice.  Shane has worked with several Automotivaters trainers over the years in every one of his car industry roles and he has seen the measurable and marked success and growth by applying their processes.  Shane has been witness to the continued successes of dealers who apply the sales structures from Automotivaters and their trainers.  Shane firmly believes that every success is the result of process!

Shane’s move to Automotivaters is due to his passion and belief in creating a cohesive team approach to the sales process and the belief that Automotivaters can bring growth and success to any dealership willing to make the necessary changes to their sales process.  He leads by example and has proven success in increasing profits for both the front-end and financial services.  Shane’s knowledge and experience of both the sales and fixed-operations departments make him a perfect fit to build relationships across dealership departments for maximum results.

Shane’s down-to-earth approach and welcoming nature leads to tremendous customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention.  Shane is extremely community minded and is involved in various volunteer groups and projects.  He and his wife live in Dawson Creek, BC with their son.  Shane is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and sports enthusiast.