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Andrew Barber

Andrew’s drive and determination in the early years of his life helped propel him to become a national level swimmer in Canada, competing at multiple National Championships and granting him a spot on the University of Calgary’s top ranked swim program. During those years of competing Andrew developed the skills and traits required to perform at the highest level possible, once his university swimming career came to a close Andrew decided to move his focus to the automotive industry where the same levels of focus and drive are required day in and day out to keep stores performing at peak levels.

Transitioning from completive sports to the automotive industry was a natural progression for Andrew. Starting on the sales floor immediately after university Andrew got to work developing the required skills to become a top ranked sales consultant both in volume and customer satisfaction. His inherent drive to succeed quickly propelled him into the finance department of one of Edmonton’s largest Chrysler dealerships.  For the next 4 years he was consistently one of the top performing Finance Managers maintaining industry leading sales averages. After his time at Great West Chrysler Andrew moved his focus to Sales Management where his leadership and motivative skills flourished helping develop a young and impressionable sales force into a team that dominated the Edmonton Nissan market for multiple years consistently placing the store at the top of one of Canada’s largest vehicle markets.

Andrew’s move to Automotivaters comes at a time where the automotive markets are changing, customer’s expectations of dealerships have grown exponentially and there is an expectation to adapt or be left behind.  Being a millennial and understanding the demands of the world’s newest automobile market Andrew can easily relate to customers and sales consultants on a personal level effectively managing and influencing Automotivaters sales methodology on the sales professionals of tomorrow.